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Happy thanksgiving. Please tune into #today  right now for a nice piece about my history on the today show over the years!!’

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“It’s as if corporate America has impeached the president and has canceled the president. We will see what the Senate does, if they decide to impeach and convict. But companies moved more swiftly than the House and the Senate and that’s a remarkable thing.” -- @brianstelter 

“You root it out by having leadership in our country that says there’s no room for hate, for white supremacists, there’s no room for racists, bigots, anti-Semites. …We have not had the leadership during the last four years.” @SenatorCardin  on rooting out hate displayed at riot.

AOC Tells Rachel Maddow She Couldn't Tell Good Cops From the Bad During Capitol Riot

Aaliyah talking about Sade in 2001 🥀 The two icons were both born on January 16.

Four 'suspected Albanian gangsters' are charged with money laundering and drug trafficking

Grime star MistaKay, 25, admits to sexually abusing a toddler

Police scrambling to recover 400,000 pieces of information which were WIPED from records in blunder which 'poses a risk to public safety'

Up to four inches of snow is set to blanket parts of UK and leave villages 'cut off'

Maisie Smith 'tipped to be new Dua Lipa as major record labels bid to sign her'

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