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NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

Latest Scoops

Remember: Even if you miss your high fives, you can still land spacecraft on another planet. Dare mighty things!

Looking back at @NASAJPL mission control the night I touched down on Mars. https://t.co/QSFdIEXbNP

#NationalHighFiveDay #TBT
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Once, twice, three times a rover… I’ve been on the Red Planet for three Martian years. That’s 3x longer than my mission was designed to last.

Keep up with my team through our blog: https://t.co/rOEt9diNzz
Looks like we made it: 2,000 sols on Mars, you guys!

I’m looking back on 2,000 Martian days of exploration, and literally looking forward to climbing higher in those to come. The area ahead contains clays I’m eager to investigate: https://t.co/Uk8dCF0tYV
Can you kick it with @NASA? Yes, you can. Get special access to @NASAInSightInSight's launch to Mars if you can share its story in a unique way.

Apply for social media credentials by Mahttps://t.co/c8IisU45l8rch 19
Getting Back in a Martian Groove: Thanks to creative solutions by my engineering team, I'm testing a new method for drilling on Mars. Here’s the deep dive on the technique: https://t.co/aLdOT3L608
“About 10 years ago, I caught @MarsPhoenix, its aeroshell and parachute, right on the surface #AndThatsHowIGotThisScar… but, it’s getting better."

📸: @HiRISE https://t.co/EuTDQcz469
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Return to Sender: This meteorite fell to Earth from Mars. A piece of it will remain to help test #Mars2020’s laser. Part will fly back to the Red Planet aboard the rover. Find out why: https://t.co/zVmxt6yHjk
Mystic Crystal Revelations: (Scientific, really.) These tiny crystals may be what's left from an ancient lake on Mars, or when past groundwater moved through sediment. https://t.co/tl7sj3WP5p
@MattLawson76 Yup. Another beautiful sol here in Gale Crater.

Check out the rest of my newest images from the surface of #Mars ahttps://t.co/IfEoAnOsP3t https://t.co/
I'm getting ready to climb this clay-rich slope. What are you up to?

(Before you ask, yes, I took this selfie. This explains how: https://t.co/S0xu74Nieg)
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