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NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

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👉Future astronauts: @NASA identified eight icy places on #Mars where you can get all the water you need. BYO bucket & shovel. https://t.co/mqgmOndneu
@bailbleu Nah, I have an awesome team I get to communicate with just about every sol, and lots of friendly people like you to talk to online. 🖖
With a major assist from the Deep Space Network. https://t.co/tmUg4HOQiE https:
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@monamouroui Here's a wider shot. The red box shows roughly where the close-up of the stick-like features goes. Note: this was taken from a different angle. More info athttps://t.co/cfLajNkRVX https://t.co
Meanwhile, back on Mars... I’m checking out these stick-like figures. Each is about a quarter-inch long. Maybe they're crystals? Or they could be minerals that filled spaces where crystals dissolved away. Stay tuned! Science continues.
Mars may be named for the god of war, but these weird things aren't cannonballs. They're pebbles.

The round 5mm concretion I found (L) contains calcium sulfate, sodium + magnesium, making it different from the hematite-rich "blueberries" (R) @MarsRovers Opportunity found. Cool!
Red rover, red rover. Meet the next rover @NASA is sending over to Mars. Live talk tonight about #Mars2020 on https://t.co/ua3BONukbF
Rocket. You’re taking a rocket. 🚀 Get an onboard view of a test flight for #Mars2020’s supersonic parachute. https://t.co/1K0sXNXfsV
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Thanks! Very kind of you to say.
@oliviawiper1 You mean like my awesome robotic arm? I take selfies (without the arm showing up) by taking a lot of images that get stitched together into one mosaic. Here's how:https://t.co/fZfzeT3mQa https://t.co/
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