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On covering the protests at the WH - I spoke with @Deadline  along with @GarrettHaake  @kevincorke  & others. "D.C.’s 16th & H: Network Reporters Talk About Covering A “Surreal” Week Of Protests Near The White House"

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Bowser says they haven't discussed how long the 16th St mural will stay there but want to make it "part of the fabric" of the city. As for the protesters' "Defund the Police" add-on, she sees it as expression but doesn't consider it part of the mural.

Around the DC protests there were two arrests on Sat/Sun, for attempted burglary and and defacing property. On why the protests remained peaceful Bowser said: "People bent on destruction were outnumbered and probably left."

WATCH - How last Monday's crackdown at Lafayette Park unfolded. The WP team reconstructs the timeline

Damning quotes from DC National Guardsmen who felt used by the White House. "what I saw was more or less really f---ed up...The crowd was loud but peaceful, and at no point did I feel in danger, and I was standing right there in the front of the line,”

Fiona Hill also spoke to FT. “I knew more about what was going on in the Kremlin than what was going on in the White House."

Nat'l Sec Advisor@robertcobrien  pinning the lack of briefing to Trump on Russian bounties on PDB briefer: “The president’s career CIA briefer decided not to brief him because it was unverified intelligence… and knowing all the facts I know, I certainly support her decision.”

@robertcobrien  More @robertcobrien : “At the NSC...we began writing a process, an interagency process bringing the government together to say, look if this eventually becomes something that’s proven or something we believe, we need to have options for the president to deal with the Russians... "

Y'day, the CIA's former top operations officer for Europe/Russia told CNN: "This entire episode falls on the feet of national security adviser O'Brien, who has the most daily access to the President... " (via @ZcohenCNN  )

The briefer, Beth Sanner, was previously called out for underplaying the threat of the coronavirus in January:


This "no tear gas" angle is ridiculous. I was in the middle of a crowd coughing up a lung. All sort of projectiles were being fired at a peaceful crowd. I just watched our raw video from 6:35-7pm. Protesters had taken a knee, chanting "Black Lives Matter" when the advance started

I’m listening to Trump talk about establishing order as forces in front of me fire tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters. It is utterly surreal.

Dr. Anthony Fauci now going into “modified quarantine” after being in close proximity with the White House staffer who was positive, @jaketapper  reports. Fauci joins CDC’s Dr. Robert Redfield and FDA’s Dr. Stephen Hahn who are also in quarantine as a result.

Law enforcement deployed in/to DC we’ve seen/reported: US Secret Service US Park Police Arlington PD (gone) DC Nat’l Guard + other states Bureau of Prisons FBI DEA DHS ICE CBP TSA US Marshals Pentagon Force Protection Ft Bragg/Fort Drum active duty troops MPD Miss anyone?

Unbelievable drone shots of thousands of freshly dug graves in Sao Paulo. @npwcnn  is there and reports the city is expecting the peak in 1-2 weeks. Today they saw funerals about every 10 minutes.

A dumpster fire today a block from the White House, sent by a friend.

Turkish official confirms to CNN that Jamal Khashoggi’s body was cut into pieces after he was killed.