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Senior Entertainment Editor for The Daily Beast. @ColumbiaJourn alum. Occasionally write on politics. Food, travel, whiskey.

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This Lil Tay saga is insane. Her manager tells The Daily Beast that the abuse allegations are fake, and that he derailed a further plot hatched by the girl's mother and brother to accuse Tay's father of sexual assault https://t.co/ONwlYoJhUi
bron being bron
Netflix killed off Kevin Spacey's 'House of Cards' character... or did they? https://t.co/zNKP2bv2a3
giants gotta fire this coach. two eli qb sneaks with saquon in the backfield smh
these announcers have called matt ryan an "elite quarterback" like 50x during this mnf game (he's not)
fizdale's got these knicks playing hard, and that's really all you can ask for
you can't mic up a lamer dude than matt ryan
shouts to @MaggieGray for this truth bomb https://t.co/BVlRAxVUMp
with all due respect to cp3, best lakers brawl is when the knicks' willis reed single-handedly fucked up their entire team
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'Making a Murderer: Part 2' creators discuss the infuriating new season https://t.co/TslBqWuRa5
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