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Mark J. Perry
on january 29 two hate crimes occurred the media only covered the fake one here s why daily wire
On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here's Why. | Daily Wire
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Trish Regan
important vice president mike pence to meet with fabiana rosales guaido the wife of the man the united states
Important: @VP Vice President Mike Pence to meet with Fabiana Rosales Guaido - the wife of @jguaido - the man the United States recognizes as PRESIDENT of #VENEZUELA tomorrow
Faisal Islam
new labour shadow foreign sec indicates opposition will tomorrow back new kyle wilson amendment on confirmator
NEW: Labour shadow Foreign Sec @EmilyThornberry indicates Opposition will tomorrow back new Kyle-Wilson amendment on “confirmatory public ballot” on “any” Withdrawal Deal and “any” FR brought by this Government... ie not just its “deal”. “That’s going to be popular” she tells me
Mark Knoller
without ceremony today pres trump signed executive order to launch whole of government effort to prepare for a
Without ceremony today, Pres Trump signed Executive Order to launch whole-of-government effort to prepare for and respond to damage and disruption that could be inflicted by an electromagnetic pulse, both man-made & natural.
Mark Warner
yikes virginia is about to lose 455000000 in military construction projects because of the presidents national
YIKES. Virginia is about to lose $455,000,000 in military construction projects because of the President’s “national emergency” declaration. What a disaster for Virginia and our military readiness.
Senate Republicans
today the us senate voted on the the vote tally 0 yeas 57 nays 43 present
Today, the U.S. Senate voted on the #GreenNewDeal.

The vote tally:

- 0 Yeas

- 57 Nays

- 43 “present”

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@tictoc 31 minutes
from tmz to charges dropped here s a timeline of the jussie smollett saga
From TMZ to charges dropped, here's a timeline of the Jussie Smollett saga
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Oprah Winfrey
hope you enjoy my new book great for graduatestrying to figure out whats next or anyone whos questioning or ne
Hope you enjoy my new book.
Great for graduates🎓trying to figure out what’s next.. or anyone who’s questioning or needs reassurance on the Path you’re on now. Order here: #ThePathMadeClear
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Rep. Mark Pocan
s 2020 education budget has a 12 agency cut to the department yet she has a 156 increase in executive salarie
.@BetsyDeVosED's 2020 Education Budget has a 12% agency cut to the department, yet she has a 15.6% increase in executive salaries.🤔

I asked her how she could justify it and I still wasn’t given a straight answer. WATCH HERE 📺
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Financial Times
just in another boeing 737 max plane has made an emergency landing at a us airport it had no passengers on boa
Just in: Another Boeing 737 Max plane has made an emergency landing at a US airport. It had no passengers on board and experts say it's not related to the previous deadly crashes.
Michael F. Bennet
the s stunt today is why people hate washington climate change is one of the most critical challenges we face
The @SenateMajLdr’s stunt today is why people hate Washington. Climate change is one of the most critical challenges we face. Instead of having a serious discussion about solutions, we had a pointless political vote.
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