Miller Park

Madson arrived at Miller Park just before 5 pm. Dusty hasn't talked to him yet, but believes he needs to throw in bullpen before game-ready.

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Miller Park

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The White House’s defense amounts to “look at all these terrible, untrustworthy people in the White House!”

All I can think of when I see Nunes now is that he's suing a cow on Twitter.

Jim Jordan is an enemy of the American people, a professional liar who seems allergic not just to facts but to decency and logic.

My report from inside the committee room:on Day 3: The Republicans have one strategy on impeachment: deny reality. Please read, RT, and share.

Poll: Independents' opposition to Trump impeachment inquiry jumps 10 percentage points in a week

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ICYMI: Two prison guards who were assigned to monitor Jeffrey Epstein on the night he died of an apparent suicide have been charged with allegedly falsifying prison records.

Watch live: Johnson v Corbyn: The #ITVdebate  followed by special reaction programme #Leadersdebate 

With the first ever two-way debate between a sitting Prime Minister and leader of the opposition having just finished, we want to know who YOU think has won? #LeadersDebate 

“A soldier performing duties in an official capacity will normally be in uniform,” Col. Kathy Turner, Army spokeswoman tells CNN. Cc: @RepChrisStewart 

Why is Vindman not worried? “because this is America. This is the country I have served and defended... and here, right matters.”