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Mark Warner

Serving Virginia in the US Senate. Vice Chairman, Intel Committee. Dad, Husband, Budget Wonk. Previous: Serial entrepreneur, business guy, 69th Governor of Va

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It’s a Thanksgiving tradition that I wouldn’t miss for anything. Great to be back for the annual @GWtweets  Thanksgiving pickup basketball game.

Add December 15 to your list of important dates because it’s the deadline for Healthcare Open Enrollment. Visit to today. #GetCovered 

It’s disturbing to see American companies so easily recruited to enable China’s technological authoritarianism. These companies need to understand that they are being complicit in China’s repression of its people.

This #MilitaryFamilyMonth , what I want is for Congress to pass my military housing reform legislation as part of the annual defense bill. The Pentagon and private companies cannot stand by as mold and other housing problems continue to harm military families across the country.

Glad to see this announcement by the Navy. This long-awaited contract will generate savings for taxpayers and give shipbuilders and others in the industrial base, including here in Virginia, much-needed stability.

The services have increased their efforts, but it’s not enough. We need fundamental changes – more oversight and accountability for both the military and private housing contractors.

The NDAA, which includes many provisions of my military housing reform legislation, will help drive these reforms forward. We need to pass it ASAP.

There is absolutely no factual basis for this Ukrainian election interference/CrowdStrike nonsense. None. Spreading this discredited conspiracy theory only serves to advance Russia's ongoing disinformation campaign against the United States.


I will be introducing an amendment next week to block the President from punishing and intimidating his critics by arbitrarily revoking security clearances. Stay tuned.

Senate Intel is wrapping up a three-year bipartisan investigation, and we've found nothing remotely justifying this. Mr. Barr's "investigation" has already jeopardized key international intelligence partnerships. He needs to come before Congress and explain himself.

Every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, needs to speak up in defense of the Special Counsel. Now.

Election security is national security.

For the record, the President’s Chief of Staff and his attorney in an ongoing criminal investigation into the President’s campaign have no business showing up to a classified intelligence briefing.

I can’t believe I have to say this, but election security really should not be a partisan issue.

One year after our nation’s intelligence agencies unanimously concluded that Russia attacked our democracy, House Republicans are going after the FBI and Department of Justice instead.