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NFL Reporter for The Washington Post

NFL says it is conditionally reinstating Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon.

NFL forming partnership with Jay-Z and his Roc Nation agency for entertainment, social justice....

Eagles say Cody Kessler is being evaluated for a possible head injury.

Packers say Aaron Rodgers won't play tonight in Baltimore because of tightness in his back.


NFL competition committee is discussing the possibility of limiting defensive pass interference penalties to, at most, 15 yards.

NFL Players Association forming new committee to study players' possible use of marijuana as pain-management tool...

Again, NFL rules require all players to be on sideline for anthem, say there "may" be discipline for violation of that.

Kraft said he believes there will be two teams in Los Angeles for the 2016 season.

NFL competition committee voted, 7-1, in favor of Broncos’ fourth-and-15 proposal. Only dissenting vote was by Giants’ John Mara, who said: “What are we, the Arena Football League?”

Referee Bill Vinovich saying he hadn't seen the play so he can't comment on it is not acceptable. So go watch the play and then come out and comment. The league needs to say something. And the official who made the no-call should be made available. Players are held accountable.

Clay Matthews was running directly at Alex Smith, tackled him and landed on him. There was no way not to land on him. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers was spun to the ground and thrown down earlier with no call. There has to be a consistent standard.