Cummings-Boycott / Matt Hancock

View from within BBC about the Cummings-boycott of the Today programme in the face of the coronavirus panic is one of bafflement. Senior source, "perhaps Matt Hancock can grow a spine, break ranks and get in front of a microphone to talk through how the government is responding"

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Cummings-Boycott / Matt Hancock

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China is NOT communist. It's a SOCIALIST country! And its actions during the coronavirus pandemic are right in line with real socialism.

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The World Health Organization isn't perfect, but "at a time when humankind is literally fighting for its life, now is the wrong time to decapitate the agency leading the global response," Michael Bociurkiw writes about remarks by Pres. Trump. | @CNNOpinion 

Accumulating evidence suggests a substantial chunk of covid-19 infections are transmitted by people who may never develop symptoms