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Osborne says the Evening Standard is facing a “very serious business problem” and “we are trying to keep people in work and the newspaper alive”. Also nods to reports he was on his way out, he says, “I am determined to lead (ESI media) through the crisis”

Alagiah has been making a recovery, and he's “not back to normal, but certainly I feel well"

JPI Media - local newspaper publisher of Scotsman and Yorkshire Post - follows Newsquest lead and furloughs staff and pay cuts for journalists. First £18k cut free, then - 10pc cut for £18k - £40k - 15pc cut over £40k - 20pc cut for board members More pain in local media.

journalists should use their question to follow up their colleague if everyone is asking about the same thing (testing!)

Significant that the two most pro-Boris Johnson papers have used their splashes to torch the UK government’s coronavirus response. No cover now.

Don’t know what’s a more British media phrase - “as Mail campaign finally stings Boris into action” or “Joanna Lumley, Why I’m backing the Telegraph coronavirus appeal”

George Osborne furloughs journalists, staff angry there's a flat 20 per cent cut in salaries, while the former chancellor pledges to stay throughout the crisis as rumors swirl that Evgeny Lebedev has been already interviewing candidates to replace him -

the NHS has started a TikTok account and I’m not even pretending with the “I’m not crying” stuff.

NEW: The Queen to make a coronavirus broadcast to the nation at 8pm Sunday


Trump: "I don't know the gentleman… I don’t know Prince Andrew, but it’s a tough story, a very tough story"

NEW: In an internal email detailing coronavirus response which includes restricting travel and WFH provisions, the Daily Mail's head of HR writes- "The global position is moving so fast that the official government advice is no longer adequate enough to safeguard our staff"

What fun! Man goes on Question Times and calls Labour liars over the £80k-5% figure. BBC clips up the juicy moment, uploads to Twitter, there’s no fact-checking in the clip, it goes viral. Morning after, BBC Reality Check says he’s wrong…. few dozen retweets.

Look. The reviews of the Pizza Express at Woking are very, very good.

BBC announces Africa editor Fergal Keane has stepped down because of PTSD. Hugely honest statement

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Under Meghan and Harry’s new website, under media, they’ve just torched the UK tabloids and royal media.

The BBC reaction to Nicky Morgan saying the BBC faces being Blockbuster in a Netflix-world is the punchiest I've seen in a while.

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Unless there’s more video somewhere about to emerge, every reporter who took the bad briefing should clearly retract and apologise. It’s farcical.