Mario Diaz-Balart

Mario Diaz-Balart

I am proud to represent Florida's 25th Congressional District and serve on @HouseAppropsGOP as Transportation, Housing + Urban Development Subcommittee Chair

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The Cuban people are not out on the streets risking their lives for remittances…They’re risking it all for FREEDOM! President Biden must show leadership and solidarity with the Cuban people. #SOSCuba  CU

The Biden Administration has sanctioned one operative of the tyranny's many assassins. While this is a start, it is clear that much remains to be done. The #Cuban  dictatorship has many murderers— Raul Castro and Diaz-Canel foremost among them. #SOSCuba 

Oswaldo Payá‘s daughter, @RosaMariaPaya  has bravely continued her father’s legacy of fighting for a free #Cuba  and serving as the voice for the many who have been silenced and oppressed by the Cuban regime.

Today and everyday, we remember the courage of activists such as Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero, and remain in solidarity with those who continue to risk it all for the cause of a free #Cuba  . #SOSCuba 

We are here to ask for one thing: FREEDOM! #SOSCuba  #PatriaYVida  CU

Congressman @RepDanCrenshaw  has fought his entire life for freedom. I am honored to have his steadfast support for Cuba Libre. The Cuban people will be free, and they will remember those who stood with them. #SOSCUBA  #PatriaYVida 


What a great story. @AmericanAir  has turned the Admirals Club at @iflymia  into a mask-making factory! During a time of crisis, it's truly humbling to watch us all come together to help any way we can.

The #Cuban  people have taken to the streets demanding freedom. The tyranny will use the fiercest violence to suppress them. It is urgent that USA and the international community offer the maximum solidarity to the Cuban people.

It’s unconscionable that instead of focusing on providing further relief to families and small businesses, Speaker Pelosi is focused on a sham #25thAmendment  Commission.

There can be no confusion. The only thing the #Cuban  dictatorship has done in #Venezuela  is to maintain opprobrium and terror in power. To cure the metastasis, you don’t ask the cancer for help. The metastasis must be terminated, and also the cancer that causes it!

I'm feeling much better. However, it's important that everyone take this seriously and follow @CDCgov  guidelines in order to avoid getting sick & mitigate the spread of this virus. We must continue to work together to emerge stronger as a country during these trying times.

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It’s inconceivable that at this moment when the Cuban people are being massacred, Biden announces a “Remittance Working Group” to weaken sanctions as requested by the dictatorship. The majority of the Cuban people, especially Afro-Cubans, do not have access to family remittances.

Taiwan’s exemplary response to #COVID19  has been marked by transparency & deftness, in striking contrast to Communist China’s deception & failures. The US & world would benefit from including #Taiwan  in international organizations, diplomacy & multilateral decision-making.

Read my latest op-ed regarding dictatorships in our hemisphere and the need to have a consistent foreign policy toward them. ?