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love ya @spotify . Thanks for putting me on your cover 💋

'Italy is about 10 days ahead of Spain, Germany, and France in the epidemic progression, and 13 to 16 days ahead of the United Kingdom and the United States. That means those countries have the opportunity to take measures that today may look excessive and disproportionate"

Stay home. For the sake of others. I cannot believe people are still even going out to bars in the US + UK. It is literal insanity.

Hello fellow quarantined humans If you need help coping with anxiety about Coronavirus, below is a really valuable podcast. 🙏🏼 I hope that it helps anyone who is caught in a spiral.

When your boyfriend loves quarantine

I'm really moved reading about how many volunteers + big companies are dropping everything to help those in need. 😢 I love you, world! Humanity is pretty wonderful. This virus is taking a lot from us but there are some positive moments to be had.♥️

I'm donating £50,000 to the amazing @NHSCharities , @WHO  + @HeroesNhs  . If you can, please, please donate today to support frontline workers who are risking their lives for others. Even if it's £1, it'll go towards a protective mask or a meal. Nothing is wasted. 🤍

Just click to donate below. 💞🤍 @NHSCharities  We love you @HeroesNhso  much !!! @WHO  @flexport  @NHSuk 


Just found out the world doesn't revolve around me. Shocked & upset.

A lot of depressed people don’t act depressed.

A message for our mutual fans. Surprise! ✨?? @lanadelrey 

I block people because I love myself. ?

All I want for Christmas is you! Lol. Just kidding. Give me Diamonds.

My new album is called ‘LOVE + FEAR’. Two 8 track collections that form a set. ?? Out April 26th.

Some of the ways that women are shamed.

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