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And Haaland scores, 4 minutes after coming on... Augsburg 3, @bvb  2

And then @Sanchooo10  makes it 3-3... 5 goals in 15 minutes since the break...

Wait... but I thought ditching Carlo would solve everything? 😉

@sidlowe  Bar the 3 o’clock Saturday kickoff of course (because Real Madrid on TV really is a substitute for Stockport v Scunthorpe in person). But agree, great news. More Balague, more Graham Hunter and his niece too!

There’s a shock... Gattuso says Napoli going in ritiro... worked great last time!

Man, that Steve Cook handball... half an hour gone, VAR and you do that?!?

Wrote this about how - in theory - we can make leagues more competitive, narrow the gap between the super clubs and the rest, lower costs + incentivize youth development. (And it doesn't involve salary caps or revenue redistribution)

Not to worry. They'll soon be taking back control.

@MCFCinDC  I also say that when u have a long term injury you can get dispensation... (Laporte). But kinda irrelevant bc this system wasn’t in force when City planned their season. If they had, might have acted differently

@GrantWahl  I’d be happy if Andy won a Super Bowl with you guys... eventually. Part of me though feels you need to endure more “I/we got to do a better job of that”, “time’s yours” + demented clock management (made more infuriating by the fact he’s a very bright guy with a blind spot)


Balotelli on Sky Italia: "You want to compare me to Ibra? Well, that's a compliment... for him!"

Ronaldo on Sky Italia is told that Juve never managed a comeback this great in the CL... “Maybe that’s why they signed me” is his reply

Del Piero taking about : “What impresses me most isn’t the work rate or technical ability, both of which are exceptional... it’s the way they fill the pitch, their understanding of space and time, their tactical nous... all at such a young age...” #wisewords 

OFFICIAL: All of today's Serie A games postponed following the tragic sudden death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori.

Other than the four he won in Serie A... and the Europa League... and the U20 World Cup... and the proper World Cup...

BBC reporting that Aaron Ramsey will earn £400k/week basic salary at Juventus. Been told it's actually around €7.5m net which works out to £250k/week. As ever, can only go with what I'm told, but £250k/week sounds a hell of a lot more plausible. (If still rather high...)

Mendes gets RM to buy James for £64m. Mendes gets RM to sell Di Maria for £64m. Falcao next? Mendes runs the universe.

Blatter has resigned. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Allegri has left. Kovac could yet leave. And many would not have been shocked if Valverde and Tuchel had been asked to leave. That's four title winners from the Big 5 leagues. Kinda extraordinary. Game has changed.