This is both anecdotal and early, but many long covid survivors are feeling significantly better after receiving their first vaccine dose. Including me. Fascinating.

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Whether "second-class citizens, 'permanent residents,' occupied subjects or refugees" -- details vary -- "all Palestinians living under Israeli rule are treated as inferior in rights and status to Jews who live in the same area." -- @HagaiElAd  of @btselem .

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Tawfiq Abu Naim is Head of Hamas' Security Forces. We just struck his office that he was using for military infrastructure command & control.

I know it’s a cliche at this point, but as someone who’s been working on a script, I keep seeing these updates and thinking, “you literally could not put this in a script and get away with it.”

As airstrikes continue in Gaza, hospitals that were already struggling because of a COVID case surge are now being flooded with hundreds of people injured by the blasts.

#Morocco 's King Mohammed VI on Friday ordered 40 tonnes of aid fo #Palestinians  to be shipped to the West Bank an #Gaza  following recent violence.

If anyone is still wondering why Biden supports Israel’s ethnic-cleansing and occupation that dehumanizes Palestinians? This may help. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #savesheikhjarrah 

MAGA head charged with murdering wife, then casting her vote for Trump

Matt Gaetz scandal deepens as associate admits paying 17-year-old for sex

A short while ago, during a violent riot adjacent to the city of Nablus, our soldiers spotted an assailant armed with a knife approaching them. The assailant was neutralized. No IDF injuries were reported.

The CDC mask guidance switched too fast without enough explanation and overlooks key sociological factors for indoor mask mandates—especially to protect workers and the immunocompromised. Better to have announced benchmarks—and kept it up just a bit more.

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