Hyenas Jackalls / Stevens

“It makes the soul of the patriot die within him...to see the heart’s blood of this great state, sucked by the creeping vampyres, and her bones crushed by the Hyenas and Jackalls of party...so patient under tyranny, that slavery seems well to become her.” -Thaddeus Stevens

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Hyenas Jackalls / Stevens

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Started covering the White House in 1996 and it's hard to remember many briefings as grim or sober as this one. The best case scenarios outlined today envision about twice as many dead Americans as the entire Vietnam War or more.

JUST IN: 13 year old who tested positive for coronavirus in the UK has died

At yesterday's briefing, President Trump took Abbott's new rapid virus test out of the box. He displayed it upside down and left it on a table. Today's briefing is about to begin.

Remember a week ago when we were gonna be open business on Easter ?

At the White House, an aide just passed out this updated WH guidance. It is reiterating that the social distancing coronavirus guidelines are being extended until the end of April.

He’s worked 18 shifts in the last 21 days, intubated his own nursing staff, and seen ER patients - clearly COVID positive - wait for 80 hours for a bed upstairs. Harrowing tales from inside NYC ERs.

HE WILL NOT CHANGE AND IS FUNDAMENTALLY INCAPABLE OF DOING THE JOB. That's the story. I know it's fun to watch the bouncing ball, but it doesn't change. That's it.

Coronavirus: Anger is growing at China over COVID-19 and its apparent cover-up attempt

One day it will go away like a miracle, and by miracle I mean probably between one and two hundred thousand of you will die.

American Ingenuity: @MichaelJLindell  discusses how MyPillow is dedicating 75% of its production to making masks to fight the Coronavirus. #AmericaFirst  #KAG2020  #Dobbs