Mandi Bishop

Mandi Bishop

Now #healthcare research @ Gartner! ❤️#HealthITChicks #HITsm #HCLDR #SDOH & #analytics. Views mine, not employer’s.

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Excellent list of fierce #women  in #healthcare  driving change. I appreciate the mix of industry and public service representation - and love seeing work in #sdoh  prominently highlighted. Congratulations to all!

Just discussed the emerging role - and bias pitfalls - of #AI  in diagnosing #health  conditions last week. Fascinating study examining efficacy of augmented intelligence versus either #ML  or radiologist, alone. Telling finding: AI b…

#dataquality implications of #FHIR  proliferation sans adequate #governance  need to be considered beyond research use cases @Fridsma  describes here: “The variable implementation of EHRs and the idiosyncratic mappings of clinical data within EHRs have a cas…

I'm just concerned I won't be able to keep myself from hugging people at #HIMSS20 . #HITsm 

Munchkin graduates high school today, via virtual ceremony. So many of you have "seen" her grow up through my social media posts, I thought I'd share this milestone with you. #classof2020 .

@dez_blanchfield  @MarksPhoneI  @Mass_Consumer’@NAMIOCv  @NatriceRe  @RannPatterson  @RedCrossa  @RockScarLovec  @Saif_Abedtually  been reading up on the social media blackout, and some activis #BLMts  offer that giving up the space is taking away an opportunity to spread their message. Absolutely support the cause, though! As a white woman, I can’t understand the experience - but I care deeply.

Powerful blog about #BlackLivesMatter  and #COVID19 . A part that particularly struck me: "for many of you, the spread of the virus was the first time you have experienced the terror of the possibility that your life could be snatche…

Beautifully articulated and research-packed blog from @MightyCasey  on the #healthcare  community's opportunity to seize this moment, amidst a #pandemic  and the global recognition of the #BlackLivesMatter  movement, to affect meaningf…

If "mental health stress fracture" isn't an official term yet, it should be. The continued - and continuously escalating - strain of 2020's events widens the cracks. But we are all professional athletes of the business world, and training - as well as com…

Calling all #CIOs  (and especially #healthcare  and #lifesciences ): Gartner's annual CIO Agenda survey is open for submissions through August 14 . Inform our research (mine, especially - I really enjoy digging into this ), recei… #data 


In love with this #WonderWoman  #cartoon  my dad sent me tonight: If I don't get pants, NOBODY gets pants.

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Machines don't have bad day, don't need vacations - they're doctor helpers. We better get used to it. - @EricTopol  #AHIPInstitute 

Why #GenderEquity  is hard. Girls=pretty ornaments. Boys=professionals. BS. #HealthITChicks  #Women  #STEMPrincess 

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Healthcare failed Jess. But she never stopped fighting - or making us laugh along the way.

"How can I, a patient, be taken seriously as an expert in my own health and healthcare experience?" Sad that this Q must be asked. #HIMSS17 

Ever noticed #mentalhealth  care frequently not authorized/expedited until someone's hurt or dead? Why is preemptive care so hard to find?

"Data isn't helpful unless someone can easily access it, understand it, and share it." Amen. @AminoHealth  #CEO  #hdpalooza 

Good read: opportunities, and lingering challenges, in using patient-generated health data for outcomes improvement.

If you bring patients into the room as partners (in #healthcare  design - including payment models, quality measures) - they can HELP you. Don’t just have a figurative patient in the room - the expertise of the patient is AS important as the clinical expertise. - #S4PM  #AHIP2019