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White South Africans could be forced to give up their own homes https://t.co/NnindFrErR
The dark side of online 'mummy groups' https://t.co/usbxRR9V0W
Outrage in Egypt after Danish photographer posts a picture of himself 'having sex' on top of the Great Pyramid https://t.co/N0E7FKqpMY
Leopard bears striking resemblance to Scar from the Lion King after having its left eye gouged out in a fight https://t.co/D8TtcRZ8w2
Scuba-diving Mexican beauty queen who QUIT modelling to volunteer for a migrant charity is crowned the 68th Miss World https://t.co/k4iyLAZjWR
Parents share their children's VERY amusing musings https://t.co/7BvHU8UhMZ
World's first woman to give birth using a dead woman's womb is hoping for ANOTHER miracle baby https://t.co/g7Di0KUT50
Climate change is making sharks 'right-handed' https://t.co/sgJoOawSeb
Dutch royals release a new portrait of Maxima's eldest daughter Princess Catharina-Amalia to mark her 15th birthday https://t.co/D579im6zLA
Multi-talented Mexican volunteer and rehab worker is crowned the 68th Miss World https://t.co/zPHrsi13yt
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