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This is the most adorable case of mistaken identity!🐨❤️🐶 via @ViralHog  Check out more videos like this here:

Indigenous group behind mass protests in Ecuador agree to hold talks on austerity with President Lenin Moreno

Almost 800 ISIS brides and their children escape camp near Raqqa

Iceland launch a Christmas dinner pie as some claim it looks like it contains a severed FINGER

'Unprecedented' footage captures radiation blazing out of a black hole 10,000 light years away from the Earth

Aerial photographs reveal 100 years of ice loss on Mont Blanc after scientists recreate images taken by a Swiss pilot in 1919

'Tackle football is like smoking': Grim PSA video of youth players lighting cigarettes warns that starting the game at 5 raises brain damage and CTE risks ten-fold

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, choosing the correct pillow helps


PICTURED: Ultra-rare black leopard is caught on camera for the first time in 100 YEARS in Africa

This Santa has the best reaction to finding out this little girl is deaf 🎅🏻 ❤️

That’s probably the loudest chiropractic cracking session ever! 😱😲

The baby born to a man who was a woman who got pregnant by a woman who was a man

Baby stabbed 90 times with scissors by Chinese mother after he bit her while breastfeeding

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Teenager is arrested after buying PlayStation 4 for £8 by WEIGHING it in the fruit section and paying for 6lb of food at self-service till

This woman has had enough of tourists and throws rocks at them

Japanese husband has gone 20 YEARS without speaking to his wife since she upset him

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Two male lions spotted mating in safari park after ignoring pregnant lioness