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US Capitol cop tells Liz Cheney that Trump is 'pathetic' for saying there was a 'loving crowd' on January 6

Republican Adam Kinzinger calls his own party 'TOXIC' as he sobs at Jan 6 hearing and praises Capitol cops

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Woman, 26, who gave birth to world-record NONUPLETS in Moroccan hospital hasn't ruled out having another!

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New Hampshire governor BANS state-run facilities from requiring COVID vaccines in 'medical freedom' bill

Tennessee pastor says he'll BAN churchgoers who wears masks, branding them 'Democrat games'

Three nephews of Tajikistan's president 'severely beat the health minister after their mother dies from Covid-19'

Human rights groups complain Boris Johnson's plan to make criminals work in 'chain gangs' will 'cause generational harm'

Iranian defector wins silver medal in judo at Tokyo Olympics and dedicates it to Israel saying thank you in Hebrew

Four day tube strike WILL go ahead in August due to London Underground's plans to scrap separate pay grade for Night Tube drivers

'I didn't think I was getting out that second time': California teen, 18, describes moment she fought off a 12ft crocodile


Hundreds of hungry monkeys swarm across Thai street as 'rival gangs' fight over food after tourists who normally feed them stay away because of coronavirus

That’s probably the loudest chiropractic cracking session ever! ??

This woman has had enough of tourists and throws rocks at them

Japanese husband has gone 20 YEARS without speaking to his wife since she upset him

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Brazilian woman pretends to have died so she can experience her own funeral

Prostitute beats a man with a beer bottle after he uses a boiled egg to pay for sex in Zimbabwe

Up to 14 per cent of recovered coronavirus patients in China test positive AGAIN

Italy's coronavirus crisis was 'accelerated' by young city commuters who unknowingly took the illness home to parents, Oxford scientists say

Pope Francis tells parents of LGBT children that 'God loves them as they are'

Has Covid killed off the flu? Influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe