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The Whistleblower May Not Be A Whistleblower At All

Delingpole: Environment Canada Airbrushes 100 Years of Inconvenient Climate Data out of History via @BreitbartNews 

Mayor Bill de Blasio Ends Presidential Campaign via @BreitbartNews 

Prosecutors: At Least 10 Victims in Ed Buck Sex-and-Overdose Case via @BreitbartNews 

Patriots Prepare To Shock The Economic System - Episode 1974a via @YouTube 


Blasey is interrupting a process for which she prepared in August by hiring a lawyer, taking a polygraph & wiping her social media - all while claiming a need for "privacy" that Feinstein allegedly promised. She deserves no more courtesy than the ability to be heard on Monday.

I was Florida social worker for 11 years. You need identification to qualify for welfare/Food Stamps, buy booze & cigarettes, cash a paycheck or drive a car, & in my personal experience the poor are entirely capable of registering to vote & getting wherever they desire to go.

Trump Administration Blocks States From Skimming Medicaid Payments for Unions via @epochtimes 

@LindaSuhler DITTO - Master of Public Administration, degrees from USF and the College for Financial Planning and proudly voting for Donald!

UNMASKED: The Hero Who Brought Down Obama and the Democrats via @KevinJacksonTBS 

@1776rabbit  322 are secret societies that have operating against the interests of the American people.. August 11, 2019 is the 223rd day of the year.

What Censorship? Twitter Removes#ClintonBodyCount  with 84,000 Mentions from Trending List After Epstein Death - Replaces with Trump, Barr Hashtags via @gatewaypundit 

Obama, as with his meritless Nobel Peace Prize, has simply cheapened the Presidential Medal of Freedom - A basketball player??/actors??