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Today at @PaulCostelloeUK, which was incredible. Thank you to @photobyian for getting the first image, I love it! Wearing @PaulCostelloeUK and @Topshop 💖
I heard you sold your pole for like 200 that’s a cluck move
On the old @talkRADIO standing in for @iainlee tonight, if you need something to relax/go to sleep/have a challenging maturbate to.
Because you've been meaning to binge this for years. https://t.co/A8Jekd2Gx5
Are you ready for a new @BunBTrillOG album?!🙌🏾 https://t.co/VsW2HdfVhG
How you know your partner is cooler than you - she’s flying first class to Oz for a job... I’m off to the West Country by train.

updates today:
- @CubanDaSavage
- @1realvalee (&@PUSHA_T )

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Hi Roxane - thank you for being you, every day.
Thank you for all you do.
We want to send you to see @vancejoy with @ScottHelman at@budweiserstage on June 22nd! Enter now for your chance to win tickets in! https://t.co/JPGUmV4fST
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