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only fools stick around when the love is gone


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Exclusive: @OWNTV's "LOVEis___" Actor Will Catlett @chillwillbey Talks Black Love & Getting His Big Break: "Things took off for me when I got with my wife. Sometimes men can't get past a certain level because we're not with the right woman." https://t.co/4a1Zro6ZXj#LOVEis
"Only 32 per cent of girls in Ghana went on to graduate from senior high school. When you look behind the statistics adolescent pregnancy is a major factor in female drop-out rates." https://t.co/iEXQ6yDZ5D
Had a great time hosting the grand media launch of “I Love You, Hater!” it’s always fun when your artists are game and fun to talk to. Thanks @BarrettoJulia @iamjoshuagarcia @krisaquino214 @iGisellle #ILYHGrandMediaLaunch i hope everyone had fun! 🤙🏼
Anyone else, when walking through the woods, make sure the first thing they do is find a fallen tree branch in the shape of a walking stick, and carry it around for the entire day? 😂
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