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Apparently, a lot of people were surprised by the press-and-hold-spacebar trick on #iPhone. Here it is in action. #stupidiphonetricks
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SCOOP: DOJ has warned the White House an emergency declaration is nearly certain to be blocked by the courts on at least a temporary basis, preventing immediate implementation of the president's plan to pay for the wall. However, WH believes they can ultimately win on appeal.
#HappyValentinesDay2019 ⁠ ⁠ from@CNCOmusic ,@LaurenJauregui ,@PRETTYMUCH and@BebeRexha . Head over to our Teen Party playlist to see who else is spreading the love today ❤️
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Tomorrow @POTUS will announce $8 billion for the wall:

$1.375 billion appropriations bill

Plus exec action:

$600 million - Treasury's drug forfeiture fund
$2.5 billion - DoD's drug interdiction program

Plus emergency declaration:

$3.5 billion DoD mil construction budget
Facebook tracks former employees deemed a threat by using location data collected thru Facebook's apps/websites. "Other companies keep similar lists of threats, but Facebook is unique because it can use its own products to...track the location of people"
It's a celebration.
Freewave 3 just dropped.
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