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Representation matters. @RepTedLieu  is part of the largest number of Asian Americans in Congress, but he tells @YoonjKim  there's still a long way to go

The third season of @OnMyBlock  is coming a lot sooner than you think. 👀 Watch the new teaser trailer here

Ancient Greek mythology and @BTS_twt  have a lot more in common than you’d think. As their art continues to find success, #BTS  continues creating myths of their own with #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 

Demi Lovato recently stopped keeping track of her weight, and she says it gave her a newfound “freedom”

@TREYTHECOLD  on “Lift Me Up @tonyxsantana  by : “As the beat floats off into space, he leaves you with the idea that another grin is around the cor #BopShoper ”

Tom Holland’s #SpiderMan  has already become the Marty McFly of his generation

Jennifer Lawrence will save us from an asteroid that’s going to ~destroy the planet~ in a new #Netflix  comedy

“Pop Smoke was intense and carefree at the same time—goofy, charismatic, and more entertaining than melody chasers and carbon-copy lyricists”

Still thinking about how adorable @ITZYofficial  was, and how much they love their #MIDZY  🥺 #ITZY  #있지

#FirstWivesClub legends @goldiehawn , @Diane_Keaton , and @bettemiddler  are reuniting for a fierce new comedy (via @LogoTV )


@BTS_twt  accepts the award for Tour of the Year at the #AMAs 

All of BTS are along for the "Old Town Road" horseback ride with Lil Nas X #GRAMMYs 

"Thanks to all our fans for making this dream come true, and we'll be back." – @BTS_twt  #GRAMMYs 

#Beliebers are so hyped Justin broke a billion views for his "Baby" vid! Not a bad way to start out a birthday week:

We may be only one month into the year, but @BTS_twt  is already winning 2019

@GOT7Official  dropped by and shared 7 things #iGOT7  might not know about them. Of course, everyone knows JB loves cats, and @BamBam1A  is a sweet talker. Watch our full interview with #GOT7  #갓세븐 at

It's been 8 years since @justinbieber  went by @Youtube  name Kidrauhl. Watch these 8 videos to see where he began: