Excuse me, excuse me. Royalty coming through. ? @BTS_twt  #GRAMMYs  #TearItUpBTS 

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#WINNER 'Remember' M/V TEASER #1  3rd FULL ALBUM ‘Remember’ ✅2020.04.09 6PM 📺NAVER TV: 🎬YouTube:   #Wemember_Remember  #위너 #3rdFullAlbum  #Remember  #MVTEASER_VER1  #AlbumRelease  #20200409_6pm  #YG 

I bet someone could use this today

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Another reporters asks Trump why he’s not doing the job that governors were elected to literally do themselves. Good grief. How many times must the same questions be asked? Anyone going to inquire what a transition to reopening the economy would look like?

Now I don’t know who to pair next 😊 #BehindDaHitz  I think we cool right ... cos after Kaywa x JMJ I don’t know what’s next ... it was 🔥🔥🔥

The less you care, the happier you are.

Today Dr. Fauci emphasized that while the precautions work and there will probably be a “good vaccine” someday — people must understand that going back to “pre-coronavirus” normal “might not ever happen.”

Cat goes backpacking with his dad 😮

Americans are going through a lot right now. We shouldn't be subjected to a tantrum from the president every afternoon.

Sleep + Music = 2 ways to escape everything.