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No one is denying the American people a ballot or a vote. Not undoing an election or stopping one. Pence becomes president — he was elected — and people can still vote GOP in 2020. CIpillone is a fraud. #ImpeachmentTrial  #TrumpRemovalTrial 

The endorsement speaks highly of Warren and Klobuchar (and, for NYT, it’s a slam of Biden.) But it reflects NYT wishy-washy, confused stance in a dangerous time that requires anything but indecision.

But they thrive on nonsense and their supporters eat it up. ‘Constitutional Nonsense’: Trump’s Impeachment Defense Defies Legal Consensus

Great interview from @TimTeeman  —>⁩ Ron Reagan Says His Father, Ronald Reagan, Would Not Want Republicans to Vote for ‘Traitor’ Trump in 2020

The Senate switchboard is 202 224 3121. Call your senators and demand #WitnessesAndDocuments  #TrumpsRemovalTrial 

Cipillone is so out of his league, pushing bogus Constitutional and legal theories. But all designed for Trump-crazed base. #ImpeachmentTrial  #TrumpsRemovalTrial 

Schiff is just so damned good. The evidence is with him, yes. But he is so good. #ImpeachmentTrial  #TrumpsRemovalTrial 

@MollyJongFast  Sen. Collins possibly orchestrated a moment with McConnell where it looked like she got something from him. She needs to get the witnesses, then we’ll talk.


Why is Mitt Romney meeting with Trump at the White House today?

Why would Trump — or his aides -- be deleting his tweets that refer to immigrants as ‘invaders” if they have nothing to be guilty about? And do they seriously think there aren’t records, screen caps of all of his tweets of the past?

Let history record that 2 talk show hosts — 2 who initially cozied up to the dictator, only to change after he turned on them like he turns on everyone — fretted that a crowd at a baseball game jeered the monster who put children in cages. Clean up your act, Joe & Mika.

Let me say that I invited @TulsiGabbard  on my show from the day she announced, so she could discuss her change on LGBTQ issues, and many other issues. Just as i have asked, and interviewed, other 2020 candidates. Campaign has declined. But she goes on Tucker Carlson.

An idea for reporters: Every single evangelical Christian GOP member of Congress must be asked if Trump is the "King of Israel" and the "second coming of God." Every one of them must be asked about this.

Pelosi's move to hold impeachment articles looks smarter & smarter. McConnell is melting down, trying to get control. More conservative writers (i.e. at National Review) coming out in favor of impeachment. Christianity Today sees spike in subs. Polls show majority support.

So, latest news: Manafort may have killed people. Sessions fires everyone. Stone spoke w/the hackers. Flynn was foreign agent. Pence lied.

My question is: Does Ivanka know, deep down that her father is a severely disturbed sociopath? Or is she a sociopath too, so can’t see it? Certainly his former wives know, & surely Melania. Thoughts?