Democrat Sen Durbin / Pres Trump

BREAKING: Democrat Sen. Durbin, who was in meeting with Pres. Trump: "He said these hate-filled things."

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Democrat Sen Durbin / Pres Trump

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Donald Ayer, deputy attorney general under President George H.W. Bush, says Attorney General William Barr is "un-American" and should resign. "Bill Barr's vision is that there is one man, one person who needs to be above the law and that is the President."

Federal judges' association calls emergency meeting after DOJ intervenes in case of close Trump ally. The Judicial Branch is under attack by the President. But it is only a constitutional crisis if federal judges breach their oath like GOP senators.

Egregious Misconduct: @SidneyPowell1  & @TomFitton  say the DOJ should dismiss the politically corrupt case against Gen. Michael Flynn. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

That crash -unreal. Praying for Ryan Newman. #DAYTONA500 

With Super Tuesday on March 3, @AliVelshi  explains which states will matter most in the 2020 primaries and how many delegates a candidate will need to win.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to fund scientists, activists, nonprofits and other groups fighting to protect the environment and counter the effects of climate change

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Web of Corruption. How the Radical Dems covered up and protected a corrupt official after he leaked classified documents to the media. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

This father is teaching his daughter to laugh at bombs – in order to help her cope. This is life in a conflict zone:

BREAKING: John Bolton spoke publicly for the first time since the impeachment trial. He was asked whether he thought Trump's July 25 call was “perfect.” Bolton says “you'll love Chapter 14” of his book. #Hardball