Colorado Springs / Mayor John Suthers / Police Chief Peter Carey

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Colorado Springs / Mayor John Suthers / Police Chief Peter Carey

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U.S. Steel announced that it will temporarily lay off about 200 workers in Michigan. This announcement comes after President Trump recently gave himself credit for bringing back the steel industry. CNN’s @vyurkevich  takes a closer look at the impact.

Iowa farmers slam Trump, claiming he broke promise on ethanol with waivers to refineries

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#AmericaFirst - Joe diGenova: The FBI under Obama became so politically corrupt & bankrupt, it couldn’t run an investigation. Christopher Wray needs to clean house & restore the world’s premiere law enforcement agency #MAGA  #Dobbs 

FIERY CRASH: All 10 people aboard a twin-engine jet escaped injury after the aircraft aborted its takeoff at a small Northern California airport, went off the runway and burst into flames, officials say.

A record level of fires in Brazil’s Amazon region has been linked to an increase in deforestation, inspiring a #prayforamazonia  social media campaign to bring awareness to the blazes destroying the rainforest.

"These are complete and total changes and positions from one day to the next," says @andersoncooper  on Pres. Trump's rapidly morphing positions. "Even if his words mean nothing, he is…making decisions that impact...our futures. It may seem funny…but it's not. This is pathetic."

#BREAKING UPDATE: @LANLASD  says deputy was in rear of Sheriff's station when gunfire erupted striking the deputy on the shoulder. STAY AWAY from the 500 block of Lancaster Boulevard and surrounding areas sealed off by law enforcement!

Attorney General William Barr said the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's death has been delayed by witnesses "not cooperating" with officials, adding that evidence still shows the financier died by suicide.

Next question: Didn’t there used to be a White House press secretary?

I refuse to bow to a harassment campaign from people who don't live here If I'm alone then so be it But if we let these terrorists win Then what are we leaving for our children? "A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit"