Dr. Bhadelia on the importance of getting politics and partisan bickering out of the way when dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic: "We have to politics-proof our pandemic response from here on out."

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Myanmar Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun's speech to the UN General Assembly denouncing the military's coup is so impressive that it is worth sharing in full. Please spread it far and wide.

Lady Gaga's French bulldogs found after being stolen at gunpoint

Flashback to @RepKatiePorter  challenging big bank CEO Jamie Dimon to pay his workers a living wage by literally showing him the math

'If in 87% population, we can't find a handful of people with integrity to manage the temples, and the Govt has to manage them for us, it is best they also manage our children'. @SadhguruJV , joins Navika Kumar on #FranklySpeakingWithSadhguru  at 10 PM tonight; Sun 10 AM & 8 PM.

Hey Silicon Valley, still enjoying all that MBS investment $? Saudi Prince Approved Khashoggi's Death, U.S. Report Says - The New York Times

A year on, which countries are handling Covid best? New Zealand, Australia and Singapore are leading the world while the U.S. makes a comeback. See where your nation ranks ➡️

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Electric firm Griddy loses access to Texas grid, customers shifted to rivals

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The @PolitiFact  gurus rush to explain that you shouldn't believe ANYTHING negative about Biden on Facebook...

231 million people around the world have received a Covid-19 vaccination. Here's the latest on the pandemic this week ➡️