Pres. Biden delivers an update on containing Covid-19: "We have recently discovered in the final days of the transition and it wasn't until the final day that we got the cooperation we needed — Once we arrived, a vaccine program is in worse shape than we anticipated or expected."

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Despite the military junta's lethal brutality, "anti-coup demonstrators returned to the streets of Myanmar on Saturday." Their courage and persistence is deeply impressive.

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The image all those right-wing influencers were sharing of the original Lola Bunny is actually pornographic fan art. Whoops!

@AlanDersh  tells @CarlHigbie  "it is certainly is a political stunt, the implications of it are mind-boggling" referring to Eric Swalwell's lawsuit against Trump.

Cyprus will let in Britons who have had two Covid-19 jabs from May, opening the door to a wave of elderly U.K. holidaymakers

Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman says she was racially profiled by security guard outside her apartment

A sheriff from Arizona has accused President Biden of creating 'roads for the cartels'

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Blackpink member Jisoo has been named by luxury brand Dior its “global ambassador for both fashion and beauty.”

China surpassed the United States to become the top trade partner of the EU in 2020 Steady trade relations with China have boosted the economies of many countries

This is how much we’ve accomplished in 46 days with Joe Biden as President. Imagine what we can do in the next four years.