Mary Trump

Mary Trump: “Donald is a very sick man. He’s never going to get better. He’s only going to get worse. And if it suits his purposes he will take this entire country down with him ... So please vote carefully.”

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Mary Trump

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Well, well... “Released emails show Fauci signed off on WHO-sponsored statement approving China's response to COVID”

The US reported more than 80,000 new coronavirus infections on Friday -- the country's highest daily case number since the pandemic began

"He can say all he wants that he's not racist, but a lot of incredibly racist people in the country understand that Donald has their backs," Mary Trump says, discussing President Trump's remarks on being the "least racist person" at #Debates2020 .

A shortage of poll workers has prompted college students across the U.S. to step up and volunteer for the November 3 election – especially in Michigan, where efforts to recruit 30,000 workers resulted in an overwhelming response

North Korea says China dust could spread COVID-19, warns people to stay inside

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The Trump administration labeled its vaccine czar a “contractor” to sidestep rules against personally profiting from government positions. The man holding this position owns $10 million in stock of a company working with his team to develop a vaccine.

“I’ve been practically crawling out my skin with desire to see the shameless kleptocratic looters and malignant misogynists of this four-year-long American crisis face some kind of retribution,” @morninggloria  writes.

This house in Indiana is going as the 'This is fine' meme for Halloween — a perfect metaphor for living in 2020 🔥

Washington state entomologists discovered the first Asian giant hornet nest in the United States this week. The “murder hornets,” which can devastate honey bee populations, were first spotted in the state late last year.

When 94-year-old Mildred Madison didn't receive her absentee ballot, she insisted that she had to vote early and in-person instead. To make that happen, she needed her son to drive her more than 600 miles round trip.