Republicans / Wisconsinites

WATCH: @SykesCharlie  says Republicans in Wisconsin's legislature "are so adamantly opposed to expanding mail-in voting that they're forcing Wisconsinites ... to choose between doing their civic duty and protecting their health."

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Republicans / Wisconsinites

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BREAKING: Four Minneapolis police officers were fired following the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died after an officer kneeled on his neck while he was handcuffed on the ground, shouting that he couldn’t breathe.

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Research has shown that close exposure to different races can help reduce racism. I’m curious if our staying at home, away from the places we’d experience that diversity, dampens that anti-racism effect.

BREAKING: 4 Minneapolis police officers have been fired in the death of George Floyd, who died after an officer kneeled on his neck as he struggled to breath

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JUST IN: Franklin Templeton Has Fired Amy Cooper, Stating 'We Do Not Tolerate Racism'