AG Barr "knows the FBI and the US intelligence community have absolutely debunked the theory that Ukraine meddled in our election. So for him to sit there and say ‘I haven’t looked into it yet’… is horse manure." - @FrankFigliuzzi1 

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US to impose visa restrictions for pregnant women to crackdown on "birth tourism"

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Drivers using the Google-owned navigation app Waze to get to a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, were getting their cars stuck in the sand in an area almost 45 miles away, police say. The issue has been resolved, according to a Waze spokesperson.

“Members of the Trump family were aware of and involved in the negotiation of this unconscionable contract,” the District of Columbia’s attorney general wrote in the suit.

Watch live at 9 pm ET as my daughter is honored by the @NCAA  as one of the ten best athletes in America, across all sports, who also excelled in school and were active in their communities.

Utah bans LGBTQ conversion therapy for children

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DEVELOPING: Police in downtown Seattle searching for gunman who left multiple people wounded before fleeing the scene.

PM’s presser at 1pm....a sacking in the offing

if the founding fathers wanted congress to be able to do such a thing, they would have put impeachment in the constitution! q.e.d.

The new strain has led to fatalities and the closure of Wuhan — as health officials worry holiday travelers could spread the virus across the globe.

Schools in India are teaching students happiness, because happy people solve harder problems. #WEF20