Pence / Congress

WATCH: VP Pence was a staunch defender of whistleblowers during his time in Congress: "Without the assurance of confidentiality, many whistleblowers would refuse to come forward." "Many important conduits about government activity would be shut down."

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Pence / Congress

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Documents turned over by Obama administration to Benghazi probe:125,000. Documents turned by Trump administration over to impeachment inquiry: 0.

@jaketapper : “The President…by his own admission, asked a foreign power to launch a major investigation into his political rival Joe Biden [and] his son.” “…You can debate whether or not it's criminal [or] impeachable, but you can’t debate whether or not those are the facts.”

Democratic Operatives. @TomFitton  says Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill were nothing more than pawns in the radical left’s impeachment narrative. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Case Closed! @SaraCarterDC  @CharlesHurt  say the radical Dems have no case or evidence to impeach @POTUS . #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Avoid romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, the CDC and FDA say, after 40 people in 16 states were sickened by E. Coli

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Throughout the week, @RepAdamSchiff  has used his position to lay out a powerful argument for impeaching President Trump. Let’s review:

‘Nothing to Hide.’ @PressSec  Stephanie Grisham supports @realDonaldTrump ’s call for a full on impeachment trial in the senate. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

"You've made it clear you have a story to tell. You've been out there tweeting. Now's the time to share the truth." - @HardballChris  says it's time for Amb. John Bolton to testify in the impeachment inquiry.

National Security First. @AjitPaiFCC  says Huawei, ZTE and the entire government of China presents a national security risk to the United States. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

"Let us not quarrel amongst ourselves when our Nation's future is at stake." 56 years ago today, JFK was scheduled to give a speech to the Democratic Party aimed at unifying the nation during a time of conflict and division. He didn't live to make it.