Fashion / Diane / Furstenberg / Liberty / Mother Exiles / Statue Liberty

WATCH: Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg joins @Morning_Joe  to discuss being the executive producer of the HBO documentary 'Liberty: Mother of Exiles,' which looks at the history of the Statue of Liberty.

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Fashion / Diane / Furstenberg / Liberty / Mother Exiles / Statue Liberty

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President Trump walking away from the vaping ban (assuming he does) shows he's willing to listen. He's seeing through the awful media coverage, which turned a viable alternative to smoking into a hysteria-driven scare.

@realDonaldTrump  is promising a cash payout to American farmers thanks to “China Tariffs” before the holidays. Here’s a fact check:

The Show Will Go On for Taylor Swift at the AMAs as Label, Dick Clark Productions Reach Agreement

"This is a warzone - it's supposed to be a university." These are the scenes @mattfrei  was faced with when he made his way into Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where violent clashes between police and activists have been taking place.

Press rightly focused on Sondland testimony, but for me, Volker is key. Volker was trying to do the right thing, but went along with wrong methods. I've known Kurt for a long time. There is no way that he doesn't know/feel that the "drug deal" was wrong. He needs to say so now.

BREAKING: Over 100 people arrested in Florida human trafficking bust

‘My voice was just one. You are many. We are many.’ — Dr. Christine Blasey Ford made a rare public appearance to accept this ACLU Courage Award

Chick-fil-A has announced that beginning next year it will no longer donate to Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Both organizations have taken controversial stands on homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Prague: Jewish gravestones used as cobblestones to be returned

Ex-Devin Nunes aide sues publication that exposed his alleged role in Trump’s Ukraine scandal