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This Supreme Court case could eventually lead to nationwide racial discrimination, argues to @LevinsonJessica. (via @NBCNewsTHINK) https://t.co/N0w9brCWDJ
Supporters of embattled Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt are starting to raise questions about his alleged ethical lapses, a shift in tone that could spell trouble as he appears before Congress Thursday. https://t.co/ajr8as0fzA
Stormy's attorney @MichaelAvenatti says it's "a big deal" that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will take the Fifth Amendment in the case.

Watch his full interview with @Lawrence:
President Trump's VA nominee is in active discussions with senior White House officials about withdrawing his name for the cabinet post after new allegations were released on his improper conduct, @NBCNews reports.

More analysis on the @TheLastWord: https://t.co/CuCcivzLEv
Watch @maddow's interview with Ronan Farrow, author of the newly published "War on Peace," discussing the chaos at the U.S. State Department and the decline of diplomacy. https://t.co/VSvZt67Wnw
"I think the DNC has done a terrific job... we now have more information as the result of the investigation of the various individuals involved in the Trump campaign and others."

– Fmr. DNC Chair @donnabrazile
A federal judge has issued a permanent injunction blocking the Trump administration from cutting grants to Planned Parenthood that pay for a teen pregnancy prevention program in numerous states. https://t.co/647vNczQsF
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Stormy Daniels' attorney @MichaelAvenatti to discuss latest in the case after Michael Cohen asserts his 5th Amendment rights.
Ronny Jackson, President Trump's nominee to lead the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, is in active discussions with senior White House officials about withdrawing his name from consideration for the post, two sources with knowledge of the conversations said. https://t.co/DHOKq3XrXI
Michael Cohen is claiming "he can't answer the questions because the answers will incriminate him. This is a staggering development. It cannot be over exaggerated. It cannot be overstated. This is a big deal."

– Stormy's attorney @MichaelAvenatti says on @TheLastWord
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