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BREAKING: With no government shutdown deal reached Sunday night, US Senate is adjourned until 10 a.m. ET Monday.

Live coverage continues now on @MSNBC.
As government shutdown continues to unfold Sunday night, Sen. McConnell will speak soon on the US Senate floor.

Watch live with @kasie now on @MSNBC.
GOP Rep. Taylor: "Schumer made a very big miscalculation" on shutdown https://t.co/iqxo0lDhkj
Rep. Lieu: I would consider paying "ransom" for Trump's wall as part of deal https://t.co/RuKL85OiDN
Rep. Titus: GOP brags about running country like business, but "can't even keep the lights on" https://t.co/Hft9vON4z5
Thousands take part in Women's Marches around the globe https://t.co/rnfm8VojEm
Activists speak out against Trump’s immigration policies https://t.co/3ykOAsILtX
Trump immigration policy ad decried as racist https://t.co/tlx6vLHLoO
How the government shutdown and DACA could drive 2018 turnout https://t.co/D7X1NjkCRo
Sen. Graham on Stephen Miller: “His view of immigration has never been in the mainstream Senate, and I think we’re never going to get there as long as we embrace concepts that cannot possibly get 60 votes.”
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