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Latest Scoops

Kushner emailed about WikiLeaks, Russia during campaign: https://t.co/pqNTO4xd1g
Joy Reid: Did this man work with Michael Flynn to kidnap Turkish cleric?: https://t.co/L2gr1S3lWV
GOP tax plan: Nearly half of benefits go to top 1 percent: https://t.co/0Ten2JNBzO
Tomorrow, @SenGillibrand joins @kasie to discuss sexual harassment and more on @KasieDC. Watch the interview at 7pm ET on @MSNBC
UK publicist Rod Goldstone set to talk to Mueller in Russia probe: https://t.co/A2AV71A1aD
U.S. threatens to close Palestinian's D.C. office amid renewed peace push: https://t.co/TQC5mmbC0r
New ad encourages Maine Sen. Susan Collins to vote 'no' on tax bill: https://t.co/DqrXagEVD6
LaVar Ball, father of UCLA player arrested in China, dismisses Pres. Trump's role in his son's release: https://t.co/3GDhWtAg8h
Connecting mental illness and mass shooting misses the point, experts say: https://t.co/AGdm1Mlw2Q
Opinion | The unbearable hypocrisy of Roy Moore's Christian rhetoric via @RevDrBarber for @NBCNewsTHINK : https://t.co/BbjUuuYuhr
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