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36 minutes
Podcast alert:

The first episode of the new @KasieDC podcast will be available on Sunday night. https://t.co/qhUdXfL00E
37 minutes
Yale law professor denies allegations that she advised Judge Kavanaugh's prospective clerks to adopt model-like appearances. https://t.co/PpG5oiGpQv
41 minutes
NEW: The Trump administration announces a proposed rule that would make it harder for immigrants to obtain visas or green cards if they have ever been dependent on public benefits, like food stamps or public housing. https://t.co/YnFOHbBeAj
51 minutes
The allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are not simply a 'he said, she said' situation (via @NBCNewsTHINK) https://t.co/9D4Lj67aK2
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was joking when he discussed wearing a wire to secretly record President Trump, according to Justice Department officials. https://t.co/HY7ysCBHFd
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to "provide her first-hand knowledge" of her sexual misconduct allegation against Judge Kavanaugh next week. https://t.co/FPqJmmDZ5N
When President Trump headed to areas impacted by Hurricane Florence, he sent tweets about his administration's storm response and Democrats.

Watch Morning Joe weigh in.

Amb. Wendy Sherman on North Korea: “I am quite skeptical that we are going to make the progress we need to.” https://t.co/LJUqfT5jLt
WATCH: A longtime friend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford defends her credibility after sexual assault allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Podcast alert:

The first episode of the new @KasieDC podcast will be available on Sunday night. https://t.co/qhUdXg2ASc
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