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Some police departments need to store 10,000 hours of body cam footage a week.

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A little break from the general awfulness: Fountains Of Wayne - Hey Julie (Live In Chicago) via @YouTube 

Signal unveiled a new blur tool that can be used to hide faces. The tool aims to protect the identities of protesters currently demonstrating against police brutality.

“Zuckerberg & Dorsey are perhaps more similar to Trump than they are different...They make ‘tough decisions’ that seem inconsistent or confused because, in the end, the only real consistency is that they are the ones issuing the proclamation," ✍️ @bobbie 

Join Adweek Friday at noon ET for a live discussion with Black business leaders who will share how they're navigating these turbulent times, how they're leading their teams, and actions they recommend everyone take to accelerate systemic change. Register:

Wish this wasn't so relevant six years later, but...

The police want your phone data. Here’s what they can get — and what they can’t.

Dun and Bradstreet Government Solutions #CTO  Erik Ekwurzel asks how can #vendors  – as well as their government customers — be assured that their sub-tier suppliers do not pose threats or vulnerabilities?

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From now on, COP stands for Capitalist Oppressors Party. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

"Americans will die for @nytimes ' narcissistic and mendacious belief that until something is published by the paper of record, it hasn't been given enough exposure for others to reject."