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#Machinelearning models help #AI  in the financial industry model customer behaviors and assess risk more accurately. Discover how to leverage four common characteristics to build successful models for your business. @Microsoft  @msftfinserv 

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Moneybox secures £30 million in Series C funding and reveals milestone of £1bn in assets by 2020-07-15 14:51:30 @fintechf 

Google introduced "Confidential VMs" in its Cloud services that use isolation & sandboxing techniques to encrypt data in memory & elsewhere outside the central processing unit, aiming to harden your OS image and verify firmware, kernel binaries & drivers.

What is #PredictiveAnalytics ? Learn how companies can use it to transform data into future insights, forecast trends, and make more reliable business decisions. #analytics  #DataAnalytics  #PredictiveModeling  #DecisionTrees  #neuralnetworks 

Capital relief is good for big banks and the economy by AmerBanker 2020-07-15 15:20:20

Appital Appoints Former Fidelity Head of Capital Markets Greg Bennett and Founder of Blackheath Capital Management Stephane Carty as Non-Executive Directors by 2020-07-15 15:43:25 @fintechf 

A funeral on Zoom might not be ideal, but there are upsides, like 100+ people from different locations being able to pay their respects.

I wonder what @gruber  ~really~ thinks about Tim Cook's appearance with Ivanka Trump yesterday.

iOS 13.6 out now on iPhone with CarKey, Apple News+ audio, and more

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Reddit now supports up to 20 GIFs or images in a single post (story by @Indianidle )