new song out now

new song out now

something great is about to happen

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+++++ that’s a wrap! All 4 paintings sold in under an hour. Thank u from the bottom of my heart! Til next time

In this town, one is at the mercy of the recognition factor.

When it seems like nothings working out u can always work on urself

Love y’all forever can we do something special together

Don’t ever be afraid to speak + don’t ever be afraid to ask what u can do to help.

Headed to the protest in LA meet me there.

If u woke up today + didn’t think about what u can do to help, u gotta re evaluate ur entire life right now.....


I will kiss u on ur mother fucking forehead

If this tweet get enough retweets I'll personally DM everyone a new song who wants it.

U deserve to be happy don’t ask why

Monday Giveaway! who wants a tye dye onesie?! giving a few away today, all you gotta do is retweet this. GO!

Sometimes u meet people who make u feel all your favorite feelings

u deserve to be happy, don't ask why.

2017 all about healthy relationships

Ur vibe is contagious, make sure that's a good thing.