Supreme Court / Justices Brett Kavanagh Amy

Gilead’s Supreme Court today began the process that will order forced childbirth for any and all women who become pregnant. No word yet on whether Justices Brett Kavanagh and Amy Barrett have volunteered to physically hold down the women as they are forced to give birth.

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Supreme Court / Justices Brett Kavanagh Amy

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I yelled to Putin why do you fear navalny so much. Putin heard me and didn’t answer. Biden flashed me a big toothy grin.

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The ability of the PM to tell blatant untruths about consequences of his Brexit deal on NI is jaw-dropping He agreed a border down the Irish Sea & he needs to own it #PMQs 

UK poultry will appear on Japanese tables for the first time ever! This is a historic moment for UK farmers, which the industry estimates could bring a £65 million boost to poultry producers over the next five years. Read more: #FarmingCAN 

I'm worried about the blokes in The Australian Club. How will they ever feel sure they won their membership on merit, rather than because they ticked a gender box? Sad.

@BorisJohnson 's lame "captain hindsight" jibe over his delay putting India on red list won't wash -we saw the news about surging cases while he did nothing & then there's India's daily case data👇 19March: 31k 2April: 69k 15April:176k 23April: 297k #PMQs 

Why does Britain have "such high rates" of the Delta variant? Boris Johnson says UK has "better understanding" of variants because so much genomic testing is done in the UK and adds that the Delta variant is "seeded around the world" #PMQs 

"We will never forget Jo or her legacy. We remember her wise words that 'we have far more in common than that which divides us'" Speaker Lindsay Hoyle marks the fifth anniversary of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox

@MattZeitlin  It’s a problem both in rural areas but also in cities like San Antonio and Phoenix that are socioculturally disconnected from the Fancy School complex. In Washington Heights you’d get recruited by Columbia which is right there.

Paul Pogba follows Cristiano Ronaldo by removing sponsored drink from Euro 2020 press conference