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Where will Bryce Harper sign this offseason?

Screenshot to find out!
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The Astros are closing in on a deal with OF Michael Brantley. (via @Ken_Rosenthal)
A 3-team trade went down today! Who won the trade?
MLB Winter Meetings update for today!
That moment you reportedly sign a new $50 Million deal with the Phillies 😂😂😂

(via @TheCUTCH22)
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The Phillies are in agreement with Andrew McCutchen for a 3-year, $50 Million deal. (via @MattGelb)
Winter meetings start tomorrow and @Ken_Rosenthal says the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners will be busy 🤔
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The are going to trade one of their veteran starting pitchers, but says no one knows which it'll be.

Who will they trade: Trevor Bauer or Corey Kluber?
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As winter meetings approach, who is signing with remains a mystery according to .

Where do you think Harper is going?
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Both the Red Sox and Indians locked down pitchers for the next 4 years.

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