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Latest Scoops

The Angels have reportedly acquired Ian Kinsler from the Tigers.

via @Ken_Rosenthal
You be the GM: Should the O's trade Manny? 🤔
The Cardinals have reportedly acquired OF Marcell Ozuna from the Marlins, pending a physical.

via @JesseSanchezMLB
"We're excited to get better together and use our talents together."- @Giancarlo818 on playing with @TheJudge44
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"We're going to learn from each other and make each other better."- @Giancarlo818 on playing with @TheJudge44
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"The atmosphere. The storied franchise... I want to make this team better."- @Giancarlo818 on why he's joining the @Yankees
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What did Giancarlo Stanton & Derek Jeter discuss before the trade?

The newest Yankee explains & has a message for Marlins fans.
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The pinstripes are on.
Giancarlo Stanton says goodbye to Miami and hello to New York.

(via @Giancarlo818 on IG)
The last time the reigning MVP was traded? @AROD in 2004.
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