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  3. a little #tbt for the '90s kids! 😄
3 months
A little #TBT for the '90s kids! 😄
A little #TBT for the '90s kids! 😄


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“We’ve got a lot of kids right now from the island, and I am very proud of them. I can’t wait for them to continue to be successful and raise the name (of Curacao) to the top, where we need it to be.” https://t.co/Ak5lQxuMxB
#Padres making plans for @THoffman51 @baseballhall induction at the end of July, and Andy Green is a little envious on a couple levels. https://t.co/kQaDZ1RSPJ
Tiger barely missed the green from 180 at 11 -- but is fortunate he's not in the water. Has a little work left for par after hitting chip to 4 feet
A little movement north in the models... still most keep the bulk of this storm offshore WED-THU... but highest threat is across the SE for snow/wind impacts. #Boston25 #StillNeedToWatch
Between the fine coming for Gentry last night and likely for Casey following this one, the NBA will be be able to build a whole city with Habitat for Humanity, and pay for the residents of that city’s kids to go to college.

At Ivy League Schools.

On the moon.
.@Yg_Trece fakes out the defense with a little razzle dazzle for an awesome rim rattler!
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“It was good yesterday. We think we can make it a little better today,” says @KevinHarvick as he prepares to go for four straight wins today. Hasn’t been done since 2007.

“The Closer” starts 10th today in the #AutoClub400 #AskMRN
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