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Official Account of Rising Superstar Rapper,Actor Malikai My fans are on a Takeover become a #Rebel Business/Booking/ Negocios : BookMalikai@gmail.com

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@STARSHIPent Real fans all over the world are tweeting #BOYFRIENDXMALIKAI the fans are ready ....Lets make history ! @G_BoyFriend
@STARSHIPent I was homeless in the beginning of my career but now I am a rising superstar that have broken records worldwide without using things like youtube to become famous..just hard work and smart business moves, real talent and real fans @G_BoyFriend #BoyfriendXMalikai
@STARSHIPent hello this is rising superstar hip hop artist and Actor Malikai from America .My staff and I have contact you in hopes to collaborate with @G_BoyFriend I believe in them and when we work together we will takeover the world! Fans worldwide are Ready #BoyfriendXMalikai
@STARSHIPent My staff contacted your company the fans are ready for rising superstar #Malikai to collab with the great #Boyfriend @G_BoyFriend fans all over the world and I are going to Tweet you everyday and All year if we have to so that history can be made #BOYFRIENDXMALIKAI
@STARSHIPent Hello I am rising superstar hip hop artist and Actor Malikai from United States and I support @G_BoyFriend fans all over the world want us to collab. We will Takeover the world in 2019! Listen to the fans and lets make it happen #BOYFRIENDXMALIKAI #BOYFRIEND #Malikai
@G_BoyFriend love your music much support from the United States
While everyone getting ready for the Holidays...I’m already getting ready for 2019 ....its on!
People can down play your importance all they want ...Who cares because as long as you never down play yourself you will be alright ...so stay focused, stay disciplined and watch how the tables will turn in your favor every time
Some people be having arguments just so they can feel like the movies and TV shows ...stop watching Baby Boy and Reality shows everyday and sit yo ass down 😂
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