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Official Account of Rising Superstar Rapper,Actor Malikai My fans are on a Takeover become a #Rebel Business/Booking/ Negocios : BookMalikai@gmail.com

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Don’t hate the very beauty of who you are to fit the bullshit illusion of what others place on you and want you to be ...let them all die in their illusion because who you truly are MUST LIVE!!!!
@justinbieber congratulations my brother
@BENTLEYEVANS I been trying to contact you for the longest
@MalikaiOnTour Congratulations Rain, soon it will be 10,000 then it will be 100,000 very proud you are a Rebel we are truly taking over the world together #Rebelz
I rather be completely honest with a woman than to lie to get what I want...its no point to play silly games... If you want just sex ..say it ...if you want something more meaningful...SAY IT ...no need to hide your true feelings in this short life we live
We hurt ourselves loving those who refuse to love us
Are yall gonna Boycott Kim Kardashian and Kanye
Like H & M ?
Or is White Supremacist with black skin off limits ?
The music industry needs to have a separate plaque for streaming ...Music streams aren’t record sales ...Sorry its a fact ..just go to a record store and be like hey I listened to this album 1,500 times i own it now cuz 1,500 streams is a sale 😂

Store Clerk: Call the police
Like my status on https://t.co/IX5EOOnodF

the Takeover continues !
#Rebelz #MalikaiTakeover
I wanna thank each and every one of you who follow me and always Retweet me
Thank you for becoming a Rebel we are truly taking over the world together
Lets get to 1 million followers I know we can do it
#Rebelz #MalikaiTo1Million
I’m doing my follow sprees again very soon
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