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Official Account of Rising Superstar Rapper,Actor Malikai My fans are on a Takeover become a #Rebel Business/Booking/ Negocios : BookMalikai@gmail.com

Latest Scoops

@mtvitalia hi 👋 seguire indietro per favore
@YouTube someone hacked my YouTube 😣😣😣😣
@justinbieber everything We said was gonna happen is happening my brother...my Rebelz and I with all odds against us are truly taking over the world ....thanks for all the love and support because its love and support for you always ....so Get Ready !!
#Rebelz #beliebers
Sometimes the odds can be against you in life but you gotta be a survivor
no matter what you must know that greatness is in you
stay focused,work hard,stay learning and stay positive then the time will come that you realize that greatness was always your destiny
#Rebelz #Malikai
@AJEnglish When a child suffers we all suffer ...this really hurt me to hear what happened to Asifa and so many others we must do more to protect our children worldwide....its up to us to make a difference its up to us to make this world a better place for all children
Sometimes you have to be your own hero or she-roe to rescue yourself out of the bullshit so you can fly to the greatness and prosperity you have always been destine to achieve and be

You always had the power within you
Save yourself then save the world
The entire 🌎 knows
White Supremacy is the biggest evil that exists its not hate to admit it its not racist to state a fact .Its NOT against a people its against a system the entire world suffers from that specific evil it must be removed and the rest will follow for world peace
The time has come more than ever for us to STOP being scared to stand up for righteousness and truth and Unite in Humanity ...Its a all out war against Humanity and we just focused on our differences our illusionary patriotism, Religions,etc
Wake up we all in a sinking ship
We must do all we can worldwide to protect our children #JusticeForAsifa 🇮🇳
Going live soon for all my Rebelz like my new Facebook so you won’t miss it
#Rebelz #MalikaiTakeover
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