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Official Account of Rising Superstar Rapper,Actor Malikai My fans are on a Takeover become a #Rebel Business/Booking/ Negocios : BookMalikai@gmail.com

Latest Scoops

@THEBEAT999FM much love to you all at the beat 999fm all the way from the United States
@TitusONeilWWE love your charity work brother always great to see !
You are witnessing the rise of a young Bane Killmonger...I want the throne ...I take the throne no matter if you like me or not
I must fullfill my destiny

No matter what’s against me
Nothing can stop me this is a divine uprising
I wanna create a tv show where Boxers and MMA fighter get to beat woman beaters Since they think they are so tough

And have female Boxers and MMA fighters for women abusers too

What you think?
@hqtrivia I don’t believe this is real
@IzaReal I would like to work with you on a project
@IzaReal love your music much support from the United States
@MalikaiNews @TheNewRulez Thank you for the post and you right its time to showcase what we been working on ! #Rebelz #NewRulez #NewRulezCommunications Communications
I told you I got some amazing things coming for you all ...the Takeover is real and worldwide and to all my #Rebelz in SA get ready and thank you for the support...it has been a lot of hard work the past few months forming New Rulez communications but its happening and we coming!https://t.co/GxzlWIwSps
You are NOT your circumstances. You are and have always been your vision
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