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"Let's not let go of our aspirations, but let's double down on them again and again." - Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw on working together to get things done. @sandylocks ) #MAKERSConference  #MondayMotivation 

"You don't lose your magic. You only gain magic. You don't lose your touch. You only gain it." - Kathrine Switzer@KVSwitzer ) on why you shouldn't be afraid of aging. 🙌 #MAKERSConference 

“I want to put smiles on people’s faces. Just being that positive voice, and somebody out there the they can see and say, you know what? If she can do it, I can do it, too.” — Basketball star Tamika Catchings@Catchin24 ). 🏀👑

Where does the U.S. score in global gender rankings? According to Joanna Barsh@joba42 ), there's much more work to be done. #MAKERSConference 

Wise words from comedian @SabrinaJalees : "For a long time I thought I was too brown to be an actor... too gay... now that I've been cast in a sitcom, I'm just gay and brown enough. Should've been ME all along." #MAKERSConference 

"We have to take barriers down. We have to change the system." - @ShannonSchuyler , @PwC_LLP  Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer, talks about how she is NOT DONE fighting for equality in the workplac #MAKERSConference .

“Friends, we don’t need fair-weather allies… We need people who are willing to put their shoulder to the wheel when it’s inconvenient, when we didn’t plan for it, and when it might cost us something… ” 🙌 @wjreadyset  talks about what it means to be an ally. #MAKERSConference 

Katie Hill@KatieHill4CA ) encourages women to run for office and remain strong in the face of adversity. #MAKERSConference 

"Education was the great shield against racism." Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on growing up in a heavily segregated Birmingham and going on to become the highest diplomat in the land. #BlackHistoryMonth 

"Make it a goal to define yourself. Find the strength to tell your story." - Glory Edim@wellreadblkgirl ) wants to disrupt the publishing industry status quo. #MAKERSConference 


It took decades for Katherine Johnson to be recognized for her integral work at NASA—until Hidden Figures came along. Today, the living legend turns 100. Happy Birthday! ❤️?

“I decided I want to take the risk of owning my own show—so that I will be the one to say who gets what paycheck.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only, ! ?

For her school’s “Cultural Heroes Day,” Ella-Lorraine chose to dress up as (known then Michelle Robinson) as a freshman at Princeton University and she nailed it. ???

Our favorite signs from today's #NationalWalkoutDay . ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

“Anything less than a woman being enthusiastic about something sexual that is about to happen is a sign that he must stop and talk to her.” got REAL about talking to boys about sex and consent. ? #MAKERSConference 

In 2018, women showed the world that their voices matter––and they’re too strong to be silenced. Here are this year’s best moments for women. ?

"Just move aside so I can stand next to you, and we can do this together." @jameelajamil  on making space for more women in your industry. ?

For her birthday, she told MAKERS, she wanted to encourage young girls to "bring the spirit of curiosity to everything you do... and remember "my father always told me that no matter how smart I was, I was no better than any other person—and no less."

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35 states in the U.S. still have a sales tax on period products considering them “luxury items.” Meanwhile, men’s products like Rogaine and Viagra are considered essential goods⁉️ 16-year-old feminist @nadyaokamoto  's response? "Are you f***ing kidding me? " #EndPeriodPoverty