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Luke Hemmings

lead falsetto in 5sos

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Omg. Thank you Australia . Blown away

Today I’m extremely grateful for a lot of things. One of those being an incredibly dedicated fan base. Thank you for your support and love on CALM. A small band from Sydney can compete with today’s biggest and best. Love you guys. Love my boys in 5sos. Here’s to many more ❤️

Well I’m sorry to anyone who gets my voice note cause mine are super awkward and weird

Been tagged in this and other things recently so wanted to acknowledge and apologize. It’s embarrassing seeing the things I used to think were funny as a kid and I’m very sorry to anyone I hurt. This kind of language is unacceptable and I’ve definitely learned that.

This includes the club penguin meme I reposted years ago. It’s not funny and I’m sorry. Regarding that article, so much was twisted and I can promise it and the inaccurate things written broke me and hurt me too.

I will leave that original tweet up to be held accountable but if anyone would like me to delete that first tweet as it’s hurtful, I am more than happy to. Love to you all, thank you for making me a better man.

It is gone! I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through and if I made it any worse

Done! I’m sorry for being insensitive and an idiot when I was younger. I fully support the LGBTQ community. 🏳️‍🌈


We live in a world that someone can say anything about anyone and it can be seen as the truth

Find something that makes you happy and don't let anyone take it away from you :-)

Happy birthday to my muscular best frand :-) He's asleep, but I can hear him being 20 in the other bunk

18 soon, no more peein my pants right guys

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I want to be Michael Clifford for Halloween

It should be about happiness, always