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  3. just seen the coachella line up .... where the fuck are all the bands !? it’s a festival !?
Just seen the Coachella line up .... Where the fuck are all the bands !? It’s a festival !?


. @FareedZakaria just said "perhaps Trump needs to sit down with someone who can explain this to him" (meaning the history between Russia/US)

You think that's going to do it? Don't you get it?? You can teach him all you want, it won't make a difference

When will you learn?
Sooooo EXCITED to announce #DINERO has been nominated for TWO MTV Music Video Awards. Thank you to @iamcardib and @djkhaled you guys are the BEST!! Thank you to @MTV and most importantly…thank YOU all of the fans!!! I LOVE YOU! 💋❤️❤️❤️ #mtvvmas 💰 🔥💰🔥
The one-shouldered swimsuit is all the rage these days & all the celebs are rocking it! https://t.co/HFplxHiMBn
The Kids From "Freaks And Geeks" Are All Grown Up And Doing Just Fine https://t.co/nBBUApaDLp
These two are all about exercise, I’m all about the extra fries. Thanks for stopping by @lizakoshy! #kellyandryan
6/ I really think there are enough decent conservatives out there to forge a new liberal conservatism; it's just that I don't care any longer whether they do. The world order is falling apart and only the progressives, greens and left can stop the slide to ethno-nationalism
Impressive that we are still apparently discovering new depths to which Tr*mp is capable of sinking. It’s like a car crash. But the car is an orphanage. On fire. And he’s throwing babies INTO it. And we all still just watch and shout, powerless. What. A. Cunt.
ATTENTION: There have been a number of incidents involving fraudulent accounts posing as Steve Earle. As a reminder, the social media accounts listed below are the ONLY OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS for Steve Earle. All of... https://t.co/xu30g6Bca6
It is still a very active investigation scene at the home in Kissimmee where two bodies were discovered this weekend. Deputies are still not revealing who died or what caused their deaths. I'll have an update tonight on @WESH at 4 and 5 PM
From Jason Isbell to Chris Stapleton, here are the 15 best things we saw at this year's #Forecastle Festival https://t.co/7eUHKhnSOj
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