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  3. just seen the coachella line up .... where the fuck are all the bands !? it’s a festival !?
Just seen the Coachella line up .... Where the fuck are all the bands !? It’s a festival !?


"There is no gray area of consent. There are just the things we choose to notice and things we chose not to. So Grace’s story, while unique, is entirely common. It’s just a reality of dating — but it doesn’t mean it should be." https://t.co/WV7uihzBNk
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To the girls who tweet things like this - not all of us guys are judging you by the photos you post. The ones who do are probably not worth your time anyway. Be proud of who you are & who you strive to be.
Right now it's not the Russians killing us: people are freezing to death in ambulances and dying on trollies. Where's the ministerial revolt over that?
The Best Photos from PEOPLE's SAG Awards Afterparty Are All Right Here https://t.co/b2ckoJfuIb
Ima Just be me bruh if u don’t like it or can’t handle it then get the fuck away from me and my energy.
These are all the reunions you might have missed at the 2018 #SAGAwards: https://t.co/IXUJFWKGHr
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