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  3. just seen the coachella line up .... where the fuck are all the bands !? it’s a festival !?
Just seen the Coachella line up .... Where the fuck are all the bands !? It’s a festival !?


Just ordered a flat white and a memory surfaced. Thought I’d imagined it but nope. Got me remembering all the amazing celeb product launches. Which was your favourite? https://t.co/LE8KsEMEuy
Thanks again to the millions of people who have already watched #Humanity, either live or on Netflix. And thanks for all your funny and heartwarming tweets to me about it too. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it now, and see what all the fuss is about.
Before the world realized the effects of crack, it was recreational as fuck. Folks were freebasing like nothin, sprinkling crack in their joints. They thought they were just getting a lil high, no big deal.
We're at the edge of our seats to find out what this glamorous collaboration is all about! Are you ready? Just #3daystoGo #MagnumXFarahKhan #TakePleasureSeriously @MagnumIND @kalkikanmani @FarahKhanAli
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