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Prime Minister Trudeau must resign. Wearing blackface is not only racist, but unacceptable — even if it was 18 years ago.

We can’t wait to see them all so we can’t decide! Which @SherylCrow  #CMTCrossroads  collab are you most excited to see? 🤔 Get ready for CMT Crossroads next Friday at 10/9c on CMT 🤩

@larryznl  IDK.. @MaxwellsHouse .I'd listen in around 9:30 right after the 9 @ 9 @iHeartRadio  Countdown 😁 - https @MaxwellsHouse ://t.co/BXkeH1h655

Literally opened my door to watch a fed-ex guy chunk our package over our fence. He rang the door. I answered and he said oh I didn’t think anyone was coming. He had literally JUST rang the gate. We’ve come a long way since Cast Away kind of service is all I’m sayin’

#LIMELIGHTS tune in NOW to hear What Am I by your boys!! - @MaxwellsHouse 

Have you cast your #KIISPepRally  vote yet? Bring the @jonas_ent  to YOUR campus for a softball game! Vote now! (#JonasBrotherswered '>P #JonasBrotherswered  by ) @NongshimAmerica 

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Dear 5 year old me, May I just say, “Thank you" to the little boy that I was. Thank you for all you went through to allow me to be the man I am today. I love you, and I am so thankful to God that you survived. Even when I didn’t want to... continued:

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Hiker Carries His Snapped Leg for 2 Days to Get Help After Falling 19 Feet Down Waterfall