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  3. . calls this a witch hunt. this is nothing less than a coup attempt against .
.@realDonaldTrump calls this a witch hunt. This is nothing less than a coup attempt against @POTUS. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
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"The stock market is proving to be either too hot or too cold. Last year it was steaming. Now in February it is colder than the weather. Last year it showed no volatility. This year it shows nothing but that." writes JT Young #WashTimesOpEd https://t.co/b75dPzKDK4
i'm tryna check out that new Star Wars experience at Disneyland tomorrow if anyone can hook me up. my pass expired and, nothing against stars, but this time it's war!
Snow falling in #Everett, #Seattle and #Tacoma. Accumulations mainly less than an inch most areas in this view but roads will be a little slick!

Watch out!
RADAR: https://t.co/JYMeqSjIat #wawx #wasnow
Remember this morning when it was in the mid/upper 60s? Less than 24 hours after that reading, we'll have snow on the ground (Thursday morning).
After this footage, in less than 3 hours, Ed would be found dead. #SeeNoEvil #NowWatching
Dried food for 10 days. This is my idea. Less than two weeks before I hit the @AppalachianTrl. It’s gettin real!
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