Defending Police / Dems

Defending the Police: @realDonaldTrump  reiterates his dedication to law enforcement and calls on the radical Dems to end their war on cops. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

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Defending Police / Dems

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I don’t understand the “this will not matter” talk among the chattering classes. Nobody has a crystal ball. Who knows? But one way of ensuring nothing matters is giving up having values to defend. Cynicism isn’t a sign of depth or savvy, it’s resignation masquerading as politics.

News that IRS has spent the past decade trying to claw back a questionable $72.9 million tax refund Trump received is valuable context for understanding why Trump cared so much about this particular appointment

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The world’s largest steelmaker is shedding its mines and steelmaking facilities in the U.S. as the global economy suffers from the spread of Covid-19

"He shouldn't be able to continue in his job, but he has a protector - he's got Bill Barr protecting're not going to be held accountable until you're out of office." - @glennkirschner2  on whether there's legal repercussions of Trump's tax returns @MSNBC 

U.N. rights experts asked Nigeria on Monday to release a 22-year-old singer who was condemned to death over an allegedly blasphemous song, saying the sentence broke international law.

Donald Trump ‘a bad businessman or a tax cheat – probably both’

Black people are still being killed just for being Black’ — From police brutality to inequities in the health care system, @kdc_md  breaks down 13 reasons why Black people are frustrated

"He's in the exact sectors of the economy that are getting creamed by the pandemic: real estate, travel, leisure. He's getting squeezed on his ability to make $, he's gorged on debt...He has never sold anything in his life even when it was hemorrhaging cash." @TimOBrien  @MSNBC 

Mike Pompeo to protest against Vatican's deal with China during visit