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Tonight’s #QuoteOfTheDay is from our President @realdonaldtrump #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
Tonight’s #QuoteOfTheDay is from our President @realdonaldtrump #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
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🐿️ 37 Scottish red squirrels have been adopted in @BTS_twt star #JHope's name.

Ask the #BTSARMY and they'll get it done! 💜#BTS
BREAKING: A judge issued a no-bail arrest warrant for R. Kelly related to 10 charges of aggravated sexual abuse. The charges list 4 victims, 3 of them between the ages of 13-17.
There aren’t two sides of the science.
Former CIA Director John Brennan: "Mr.Trump is a deeply flawed individual, who I think has demonstrated that he is not fit to serve as President of the United States."
#WATCH : Police constable Poonam Billore ran for more than a kilometer along the railway tracks with an injured man on his shoulders in Hoshangabad today, after the ambulance couldn't reach the spot to rescue the man who had fell down from a train.#MadhyaPradesh
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Someone sent me this image of the latest copy of NRA's magazine, featuring a story with the words "Target Practice" next to a photo of Nancy Pelosi with Gabby Giffords. Maybe don't do this @NRA.
NEW: Senior US Justice Dept. official: Reports that the US attorney general will receive the report from Special Counsel Mueller by the end of next week are incorrect.
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R. Kelly surrenders to Chicago police after being charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse | 📷: Getty Images
Indians should come out of denial mode & accept we’re living in war time,where there is no space for sports & entertainment.India should behave like a superpower and force @ICC @ioc etc to throw Pakistan out of all international tournaments. Choose between India and Pakistan.
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