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15.00 Syringe with chocolate sauce in to vaccinate people against coco pox when it came to their flavours I heard even the wasps thought twice @TheApprenticeAU  #celebrityApprentice  @CelebrityAppAU 

16.00 Matha’s chef is German she got a bit confused thinking he was talking about a 99 when he was in fact saying to her Nein Nein mean no no that made him a sour kraut. @TheApprenticeAU  #celebrityApprentice  @CelebrityAppAU 

They were so late and running all over the place their ice cream sundae turned into Monday@TheApprenticeAU  #celebrityApprentice  @TheApprenticeAt 

It started off as the tragical mystery tour . Ross was driving around like a wally with lolly @TheApprenticeAU  #celebrityApprentice  @CelebrityAppAU 

I wonder how far Martha's boyfriend would go for her. Lets say the next task was actually colon irrigation @TheApprenticeAU  #celebrityApprentice  @CelebrityAppAU 

Wippa very emotional and genuinely grateful for being in the process and raising the money he did . Good Bloke @TheApprenticeAU  #celebrityApprentice  @CelebrityAppAU 

Amazing player Tsitsipas but regretfully he is going to lose the match to Djokovic. You can just feel it. @rolandgarros 

Is it a different type of fitness that tennis players have to be able to play for up to 5 hours then 2 days later play again ,compared to footballers who play for 90 mins and have to have at least 3 days off to play again. Can someone sensibly clarify.(No stupid comments please )


Why don't you come clean @piersmorgan  .Tell your followers what you have against Meghan. Fact is she blew you out. You groveled to take her to your pub once and since then she has not answered your grovelling calls. Had she acknowledged you it would be a different story. QED

When asked how I made my fortune the answer is . I bought car aerials for £1, sold them for £1.20 . Went on and bought more sold them and bought more sold them also and bought more ........Then my uncle died and left me £500m

I criticised the govn when I suggested sunbathing 20 ft away from each other in wide open fields was no danger. @piersmorgan  accused me of inciting murder.The same presenter is somewhat silent of the breach of health rules by the protesters maybe because his son is one of them.

This is a total joke with Dominic Cummings now live on SKY. It is like a criminal trial. All interrogators asking the same questions. I don't know why he does not simply say I have answered this 6 times already today.

BREAKING: Her Majesty the Queen might announce one day that @piersmorgan  is to receive an award. We have all heard of OBE, CBE, MBE. He is getting a OST Obnoxious self-centred tosser.

@piersmorgan  not an Govn-designated essential worker. There're Nurses, Doctors, Police, Army,train and truck drivers. He deprived a real essential workers from a test.If this was Hugh Grant, Meghan or other of his enemies like me.He would be howling from the rooftops. HYPOCRITE